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    Non Penetrating Mount

The Best Mounts in the World

Over the last 25 years, Baird has built its reputation by providing the best mounting systems in every market they serve.  Baird products have become legendary for withstanding the most demanding environmental conditions on earth.

Our customers have confidence knowing every Baird product is backed by an extensive testing process, proven performance record, and Baird’s multi-year warranty.

STEP Electronics is the Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific official distributor for Baird’s range the antenna mounting systems. STEP Electronics keep a range of mounting systems in-stock at our Sydney warehouse and can dispatch equipment direct to site.

Baird provides a complete product line including:

Baird manufactures its products using the mix of traditional and high-tech fabrication processes that maximise quality and minimises costs for customers. STEP Electronics is uniquely positioned to provide reliable delivery schedules for both single unit custom orders and project sizes of 10,000+ units.

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