Comtech EF Data Corporation

Comtech EF Data Corporation is a global leader in satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimisation. Their advanced communication solutions encompass VSAT Solutions, Modems, RAN & WAN Optimisation, Managed Bandwidth, RF Products, and more.

Products are designed and manufactured at the company’s Tempe, Arizona, USA plant.

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies is a market leader for base station and earth station communications products and services, VSAT antennas and antenna systems, and wireless backhaul products.

We source a range of satellite equipment from this US based company including Prodelin and VertexRSI antennas.

Teledyne Paradise Datacom Ltd

Teledyne Paradise Datacom is a US based company design and manufacturing satellite modems, solid state power amplifiers (SSPA), low noise amplifiers (LNA), block up converters (BUC) and associated redundancy subsystems.

Apposite Technologies

Apposite Technologies is the leader in easy to use, professional -quality network simulation products. Apposite’s Linktropy and Netropy WAN Emulation appliances simulate link bandwidth, delay, loss, congestion and other network impairments to test the performance of appliance in the lab under a spectrum of real-world conditions.