Using equipment components from the best manufacturers in the world, STEP Electronics can custom build a variety of turnkey satellite communications systems that offer integrated voice, data, fax or video capabilities tailored to your usage and geographic locational needs.

Communications On The Move (COTM) solutions are an innovative and exciting technology category that afford a range of new capabilities use cases for the delivery of satellite communication services. STEP are the industry leaders in this exciting antenna category and have developed a wealth of practical knowledge on the Kymeta and ThinKom platforms through an extensive and rigorous Australian test program.

Fixed Earth Station Kits

With access to a wide range of satellite equipment components, STEP Electronics can integrate fixed earth station systems to your requirements.  Usually using Ku or C band antennas (1.8, 2.4 or 3.8 metres) and a variety of indoor and outdoor equipment options, we will pack and palletise the kits, ready for delivery and installation by STEP Electronics or your own contractors.

Satellite Trailers

Satellite trailers are mobile communication centres that can be towed by an off road vehicle and deployed in remote locations where trunk voice and data lines are required for a short period of time.  With a variety of antenna feed systems (Ku, C, X band etc.) they can vary in size and power levels, depending on your communication requirements.  Choose from SCPC or Video Encoder carriers, as well as IP over satellite applications.

Transportable Earth Stations

Transportable Earth Stations are portable satellite systems that are housed in ruggedised transport cases.   As with our other solutions, they can be customised to your requirements.  STEP Electronics can also manage and maintain your equipment, having them ready for rapid deployment when they’re needed.