STEP Electronics can design your complete end-to-end satellite communications, a major section of your system or simply recommend individual equipment components that best fit a specific need.

System development and specialised consultancy are often the key to new satellite products and services.  STEP Electronics’ team can be right there with you helping produce that winning new solution using our broad product knowledge, skills in optimising throughput and integration know-how.

Project Management

STEP Electronics can manage your Satellite Earth Station or VSAT system project from equipment supply, shipping to site, civil construction and equipment installation through to test and commissioning, documentation and handover. STEP Electronics has experienced industry professionals that have Project Managed many jobs just like yours. Whether it’s the city centre or the remote outback all catered for on time, on budget with the best quality of service.


Do your VSAT installers need training or refresher courses? STEP Electronics has a long history of delivering satellite training courses to Government and Defence personnel. Courses that can help your technicians understand the theory, construct the mechanicals, assemble and power up RF equipment and test and commission complete VSAT facilities, leaving the satellite operator confident they have a well pointed and operating remote system in the hands of the end user.


STEP Electronics can maintain your Satellite Earth Station facilities from large Earth Station dishes through to VSATs and in any location throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. STEP Electronics take on programmed site visits, 24/7 on-call technical support, rapid non-programmed arrival on site, restoration within agreed times, equipment spares management, repair handling and more. Ongoing support packages are tailored to meet your need.

Bandwidth Cost Optimisation

STEP Electronics can assess your satellite circuits or network for best use of the highest cost component, the Space Segment. Through the optimised use of high order modulation coding, data acceleration devices and Carrier in Carrier techniques your operating costs can be significantly reduced. STEP Electronics has the calculating tools, the expertise and the solutions to propose cost saving options in your satellite network.

Asset Management

Using our secure storage and repair facilities, we can maintain and manage your satellite equipment systems, ready for rapid deployment when and where you need them.  This may include portable satellite communications systems that can be airlifted, trucked or shipped to remote locations, as well as your trailer mounted earth stations.  And with 24 hour, 7 days a week support, STEP Electronics will keep your equipment “ready to go”.