The Kymeta u7 Ku Band Phased Array Satellite Terminal utilises electronic beam forming technology to create a holographic beam that can transmit and receive satellite signals. The Kymeta u7 Ku Band Phased Array Satellite Terminal is a flat panel design that fundamentally changes the paradigm for how Communications On The Move and real time mobile satellite services are delivered.

The Kymeta u7’s flat panel design inherent in phased array technology provides a aerodynamic and fundamentally different form factor when compared to traditional VSAT and parabolic satellite terminals. The Kymeta u7 opens up unique high bandwidth capabilities for a range of vehicles and platforms that had previously not been able to access real time on the move data feeds improving situational awareness and en-route capabilities.

Kymeta u7 Features:

  • True One Touch Activation & Commissioning
  • Ku Band Tx and Rx (ITU Region 3)
  • Flat panel for low-profile aerodynamic installation
  • No moving parts and electronic steering for low maintenance
  • True on the move capability, even at high speeds, and on rough seas or terrain
  • Available today, in production

ITU Region Map

The Kymeta u7 Ku Band Phased Array Satellite Terminal can be fitted to a wide array of vehicle types including;

  • Trains
  • Planes
  • Buses and Coaches
  • Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Command Centres Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Defence Forces Vehicles

STEP Electronics has multiple Kymeta u7 Ku Band Phased Array Satellite Terminals in Australia available for demonstrations and proof of concept design works. Additionally, STEP Electronic is proud to offer short to medium term rental of the Kymeta u7 terminals and also opex ownership models.

STEP Electronics through it parent company Av-Comm offer a variety of satellite service plans inclusive of space segment and teleport, providing end users with a simple pay as you go consumption or monthly access speed service plans.

Contact STEP Electronics today to speak with one of our technicians about how the Kymeta u7 Satellite Terminal can unlock capabilities for your organisation today.