General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies designs, produces and installs a full line of antennas for mobile satellite communications and fixed communication gateways. From small deployable antennas that can fit into checked luggage, to large antennas helping scientists peer into space. General Dynamics SATCOM antennas provide reliable satellite communications for any application. Available in number of frequency ranges including L, S, C, X, Ku, and Ka.

STEP Electronics is the official distributor for General Dynamics & Vertex SATCOM antennas in the Asia Pacific. STEP Electronics’ team of technical personnel will assist you through the design, construction, and commissions of your antenna requirement.

For additional questions, please contact Garry Dawson, STEP Electronics Satellite Systems Manager.

STEP Electronics provide a wide range of medium and large fixed antennas for transmit/receive and receive only applications. The antennas feature high antenna efficiency and excellent rejection of noise and microwave interference. General Dynamics & Vertex SATCOM antennas are available in a variety of sizes (3.8M to 16.4M) and frequency bands (C through Ku) to fit your application.

STEP Electronics specialise in providing high quality, cost-effective antennas for both the two-way Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) marketplace and receive-only applications.

STEP Electronics maintain a comprehensive range of VSAT antennas, terminal, accessories, and spare parts at our Sydney warehouse, ensuring rapid response to our customer’s requirements.

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