Buses, Coaches, & Trucks

Bus, Coach, & Truck Connectivity

The Kymeta u7 and Kymeta u8 satellite terminals allow coaches, buses. and trucks to remain connected to the internet even when mobile/cellular networks fail or have no coverage.

Australian mobile networks are concentrated in metropolitan area and coverage quickly fades when traveling even relatively small distances. The Kymeta u8 Satellite Terminal integrates with mobile networks to automatically switch between satellite and terrestrial seamlessly ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Passenger and Freight Train Connectivity

High Speed Internet and Real Time Data en-route regardless of the terrain or terrestrial mobile or cellular coverage. Integrated with on-board Wi-Fi or LTE networks for passenger comfort or real time asset monitoring and management.

Passenger and Freight Train Connectivity

Gahn 2 SOTM

Grey Nomads
Motorhomes & Caravans

Grey Nomad Motorhome Connectivity

Remaining connected is becoming increasing important for today’s Grey Nomads, equipping their motorhomes and caravans with Kymeta Satellite Terminals to remain connected to the internet no matter their location.

The Kymeta u7 and Kymeta u8 phased array satellite terminals provide a low profile and easy to use satellite terminal able to provide connectivity with full coverage throughout Australia and it territories.

Oil & Gas Asset Monitoring

The future of trucking is a connected fleet—or even an autonomous one. With Kymeta, companies can enable the edge data caching, storing, transmitting and receiving that are essential for any smart fleet.

Mining & Resources Connectivity

Getting an essential flow of project data is key to a successful construction project. With Kymeta, companies can obtain real-time data and analytics that can be used for fleet management and logistics.

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